Is there a black PS5?

Sony’s recent Future of Gaming PlayStation 5 reveal event finally unveiled the next-generation console’s form factor. It’s proven to be divisive, as has the predominantly white color scheme. While some appreciate the futuristic aesthetic, others find themselves longing for a return to normality with an understated black version. So, is there a black PS5? Stick with us to find out.

Black PlayStation 5 Console | Is there a black PS5?

Is there a black PS5?

For all the great upcoming titles announced during the PS5 reveal live stream, some gamers just can’t get their head around owning a pristine white console that’s sure to gather unsightly scuffs and smudges in no time. For the past three generations, PlayStation launch models have been uniformly black, and white versions would traditionally be introduced as an option further down the line. Not so this time around, as there is no black PS5. The previous form would seem to indicate that a black PlayStation 5 is likely to be released in the future, however.

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Sony is no stranger to launching limited-edition versions of PlayStation consoles, either. Even in the absence of an eventual black PS5 model (which is pretty unlikely), it’s almost inevitable that darker color swaps will be released. Waiting might not be ideal, though it’s perhaps the only option if you’re looking for an official solution.

While we wouldn’t recommend taking a can of black spraypaint to a white PlayStation 5, it’s likely that black vinyl skins will eventually come to market. Once third-party manufacturers get their hands on the exact PS5 dimensions, there’ll probably be a rush of these skins. They’re simple to apply and remove, so they won’t affect the product warranty, and not only that, but they’re typically cheap and available in a range of other appealing colors too.

So, while there’s no black PS5 at launch, we’d expect to see one released in an official capacity in the future. Until then, you’ll have to either wait it out or settle for a white one. Luckily, snagging a black PS5 console skin should be a quick fix for those that really must make the change.