Is Pragmata PS5 exclusive or coming to Xbox Series X?

One of the weirder unveilings at Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event was a game called Pragmata. Developed by Capcom, you’d be forgiven for initially thinking that it was actually in development at Kojima Productions instead. The action-adventure title set on the moon certainly turned heads, though also left many wondering: “Is Pragmata PS5 exclusive or coming to Xbox Series X?” Stick with this guide for the answer.

Is Pragmata PlayStation 5 exclusive or coming to Xbox Series X?

Pragmata PS5 exclusive

While Capcom has developed several console exclusives in the past, the upcoming Pragmata won’t be joining their ranks. Just like Resident Evil 8: Village, which Capcom also revealed at the PS5 event, Pragmata will be coming to Xbox Series X alongside PlayStation 5. The game’s scheduled release date for both next-gen platforms in 2022.

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Though there was no mention of Xbox Series X during the PS5 Future of Gaming live stream (naturally), it didn’t take long for Microsoft to confirm that fans would be able to play it on their platform too. Xbox Marketing man Aaron Greenberg shared the news via Twitter, while the official Xbox news wire also helped to spread the good word.

That same Xbox wire post expanded on what players should expect from Pragmata. The reveal trailer didn’t offer many hints regarding gameplay, though the article confirms that it’s an “action-adventure title” boasting a “deeply profound story.” Not only that, but the game seeks to take “full advantage” of next-gen hardware in an effort to “establish Pragmata as one of [Capcom’s] core brands.”

Early signs are definitely encouraging, which makes for good news all around now that we know more people will be able to get their hands on Pragmata when it launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2022.