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Valorant Push-To-Talk Not Working | How to fix

Having trouble communicating with your teammates in Valorant? Does it seem like push-to-talk is not working? You’re not alone. Several players have reported that the game’s push-to-talk is broken, and that voice chat won’t activate even if the key bind is changed. What should you do when Valorant push-to-talk isn’t working? The solution may be simpler than you think.

Valorant | Push-to-talk not working fix

valorant push-to-talk not working broken fix

If Valorant push-to-talk is not working, you should check to see if outside software like NZXT Cam is running on your PC. The majority of players who have reported that push-to-talk is broken get the feature working again by closing or disabling NZXT Cam. Otherwise, you may try changing the voice chat key binding.

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Yes, this is yet another unusual quirk of running certain third-party software alongside modern-day games. Valorant tends to work with most hardware — it was designed to run on even low-end systems, after all — but things get messy when it comes to outside software.

In this instance, NZXT Cam has been singled out by a large number of players on the Valorant subreddit. The popular PC monitoring software apparently just doesn’t play well with Valorant, interrupting features such as push-to-talk. If this software is installed on your PC, it’s practically guaranteed to be the source of the problem.

However, since not all third-party applications are guaranteed to work across all games, it’s worth coming your system for other running applications. If you have any streaming tools in particular, it’s worth disabling those to see if it fixes the issue. Otherwise, the problem may be down to your push-to-talk key binding. Some users have reported success mapping it to something other than their keyboard, such as an unused mouse button.

If Valorant push-to-talk is broken or otherwise not working, disabling monitoring software such as NZXT Cam should be your first priority. If it’s still not working, other software may be to blame. In rare cases, you may need to change the function’s key binding. Otherwise, it may be worth opening up a support ticket with Riot Games.