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Fallout 76 Radscorpion Locations | Where to find Radscorpions

Hoping to gun down a classic Fallout enemy? Look no further than the noble Radscorpion, a staple foe of any proper post-apocalyptic wasteland that appears in Fallout 76. Despite being one of the game’s more common enemies, these mutated scorpions are sometimes needed to complete quests. If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to know where to find Radscorpion locations in Fallout 76. Luckily, we can help.

Fallout 76 | Where to find Radscorpion Locations

fallout 76 where to find radscorpion locations

Radscorpion locations in Fallout 76 can technically be found all over the map, but these beasts tend to congregate in a few specific areas. If you need to find a Radscorpion quickly, some of the best locations to search include Graniger Farm, Smith Farm, the New Appalachian Central Trainyard, and Kiddie Corner Cabins.

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Of course, since Radscorpions are a fairly common enemy, you’re likely to encounter one just about anywhere. In addition to the locations mentioned above, players have also reported finding them around Becker Farm, the Emmit Mountain Disposal Site, Knife Edge, and even the cabins around Whitespring.

Like with other enemies, the level and relative toughness of the monster you find depends on your player’s level. Basic Radscorpions will eventually be replaced with more powerful versions like the Albino, Deathskull, Giant, and the much-feared Prime Radscorpion.

It’s worth mentioning that these creatures tend to appear in packs, so be ready for a fight. They’re typically able to absorb a lot of damage due to their high defenses, and they’ve established a reputation for poisoning would-be heroes. They also have a penchant for stalking the player, which is only slightly terrifying.

Speaking technically, there is no guaranteed Radscorpion spawn location in Fallout 76. They basically show up everywhere, without much rhyme or reason, which makes them particularly hard to track down. Still, players have reported that they tend to appear most often around farm sites. Trying looking around Graniger Farm, Smith Farm, Whitespring, and the general vicinity of the Appalachian Central Trainyard.