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The Last of Us 2 Sharpshooter Trophy | How to win the marksmanship competition

The Last of Us 2 Sharpshooter trophy is another one of the three hidden trophies in the game. In it, you have to beat Manny’s score with the gun. But when can you get this opportunity? And how can you get the Sharpshooter trophy and win the marksmanship competition in The Last of Us 2? Be aware that there are spoilers ahead!

The Last of Us 2 Sharpshooter Trophy | How to beat Manny’s score

The Last of Us 2 Sharpshooter Trophy | How to win the marksmanship competition

The Sharpshooter trophy can be earned in the Seattle Day 1 trophy for Abby in The Stadium sub-chapter. Essentially, you can get this chapter very quickly into this new era of the game. After strolling through the stadium and petting the dog, eventually you will be handed a gun. Manny will then challenge you in the gun range. Be sure to take him up on his challenge and go through the blue door!

Hit the button in the gun range and then you will have to fire at the target. You cannot miss a shot and you have to hit your target, not your neighbor’s. His score is pretty good and you seemingly have to get almost all headshots or belly shots on the target. The numbers on the target dictate your score and the red areas are worth 10 points.

Once you shoot it in the head or stomach a bunch, you should get the trophy. Take your time as this isn’t a timed competition. Failing is rough since you do have to start the chapter again, which can be tedious since there is so much walking. Restarting the checkpoint just takes you to the end again. If you’re having trouble, you should be able to go into the accessibility options and turn on slow motion or turn off weapon sway. That might help.

There are other missable trophies, too. There is one earlier in the game as Ellie that revolves around a hat and another that also tests your marksmanship as Abby a few chapters later. You can see how to earn those in those respective links.