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Is there a Star Wars: Squadrons Oculus Quest release date?

EA officially unveiled Star Wars: Squadrons, formerly known as Star Wars: Project Maverick, alongside confirmation that the space flight title will feature VR support. PC and PS4 versions of the game are virtual reality compatible, but what about Facebook’s standalone Quest headset? Is there a Star Wars: Squadrons Oculus Quest version on the horizon? Stick with this guide for all the latest info.

Is Star Wars: Squadrons coming to Oculus Quest?

Star Wars: Squadrons Oculus Quest

Currently, EA hasn’t announced any plans for a Star Wars: Squadrons Quest port. There’s no Star Wars: Squadrons Oculus Quest release date as a result.

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Although the PC version of Star Wars: Squadrons supports Oculus headsets, it doesn’t look like the ariel dogfighting title will be getting a dedicated Oculus Quest version anytime soon. Since the Quest is a standalone piece of hardware running on mobile architecture, it’s entirely possible that developer EA Motive found it couldn’t meet the level of fidelity they’re targeting. That’s merely speculation, however, and it could be down to any number of factors — a smaller comparative install base, for example.

The success of timed Oculus Quest exclusive Vader Immortal indicates there’s a significant Star Wars fanbase on the platform; whether that could sway EA remains to be seen. It’s worth noting, however, that Electronic Arts had no hand in developing or publishing the Vader Immortal series. In actuality, the publishing giant hasn’t released any projects for the wireless Quest to date, which isn’t a promising sign.

Still, there’s a first for everything. If the VR implementation proves to be a success and there’s enough demand for a Quest port, it’s entirely possible that EA could be swayed into launching a Star Wars: Squadrons Oculus Quest version. A lot of optimization and compromise would likely be needed, though, with Squadrons being a compact game, it could happen. Rather than a full $60 experience, Squadrons is a smaller-scale $40 title.

Of course, you can also play Star Wars: Squadrons on Oculus Quest via Link or Virtual Desktop if you have a compatible PC.