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The Last of Us 2 | How to repair melee weapons

Melee weapons are potent in The Last of Us 2, but they’re also fragile. Repairing melee weapons in TLOU2 can help you save valuable ammo and provide a significant boost to your hand-to-hand combat abilities. Unfortunately, this costs resources and requires your character to learn the ability to perform the repair.

How to repair melee weapons in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 Repair Melee Weapon Skill

Learning how to fix melee weapons is something you can do early on in The Last of Us 2. It’s the first ability you can discover upon obtaining the Prep skill tree manual in Seattle – Day 1.

The ability you need isn’t actually called “Repair Melee Weapons.” Instead, you’ll want to learn the “Craft Melee Upgrades” skill if you’re going to fix up your hand-to-hand weapons. This ability gives you a recipe to craft a melee upgrade, which restores its durability to full. The recipe requires:

  • 1 Binding (Tape)
  • 1 Blade (Scissors)
  • 1 Melee Weapon

The Last of Us 2 Repair Melee Weapon Recipe

In addition to repairing your weapon, melee upgrades have an added effect of increasing your damage output. In-game, it really just involves your character duct-taping a bunch of broken scissors to whatever weapon you’re carrying. Regardless of how ridiculous it is, it works, and you’ll kill pretty much any standard enemy in the game, infected or human, in one or two hits.

Keeping a melee weapon with you at all times is essential. These arms kill much quicker than your survival knife, and if you’re holding one, it’ll prevent a clicker from instantly killing you if it gets too close. They’re also instrumental when attacking powerful human enemies. Later on in the game, you’ll face human foes equipped with giant hammers. They’re very resilient to your standard melee attack and close in fast. Using a regular or upgraded melee weapon and strategically dodging will take care of most enemies in the game fairly quickly, though.