TikTok Invisible Filter | How to use it in 2020

The TikTok #InvisibleChallenge has been around for a while now, though people are currently struggling to participate. TikTok’s Invisible Filter is missing for both iOS and Android users, but where has it gone? How do you use it in 2020? Keep scrolling as we answer these questions.

How to get the TikTok Invisible Filter

TikTok Invisible Filter

Adding the Invisible Filter to a TikTok video was as simple as locating and tapping it in the application’s “Effects” menu when recording. Unfortunately, TikTok has now removed the Invisible Effect and it cannot be located and/or used in this manner. The TikTok Invisible Filter is no longer available on iOS or Android, which explains why people are having a hard time finding it.

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The Invisible TikTok Filter was removed due to misuse. People used the visual effect to bypass TikTok guidelines and post naked images; although the nudity was obscured, all functionality was ultimately pulled.

How to remove the TikTok Invisible Filter

TikTok Invisible Filter

The TikTok Invisible Filter can’t be removed from videos. Although the invisibility visual effect is no longer available, many of the videos that used it are still online. Whether you’re the owner of the video or a viewer, there’s no way to remove it and see what’s going on underneath.

Not only did TikTok encounter problems with users posting nudes, but also with people aiming to remove the invisibility effect and see unedited footage. Some false claims suggest that editing software can be used to remove the filter, but it can not. If a way was found, however, the privacy issue that’d pose would be enormous. This is potentially another reason for its removal.

Although it’s unfortunate for those looking to use the TikTok Invisible Filter innocently, it’s not too surprising that it was eventually deleted. Whether or not it might return in the future remains to be seen.