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Fallout 76 Unknown Error | Are servers down?

A confounding connection issue is preventing Fallout 76 players from enjoying the many charms of Appalachia. What’s worse, the problem is associated with an unknown error, oftentimes displayed alongside a string of random numbers. What does the Fallout 76 unknown error mean, and does it have anything to do with server outages?

Fallout 76 | An Unknown Error Has Occurred

fallout 76 unknown error are servers down

The Fallout 76 unknown error message typically appears when the game’s servers are down. It’s possible for this error to appear during planned maintenance, but it’s more commonly associated with unplanned server outages. Since it’s a matter of network connectivity, the problem causing the unknown error will have to be fixed by the game’s developers.

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Yes, we know how frustrating server outages can be. In the case of the unknown error, there’s also the added frustration of not knowing exactly what the issue is. Fortunately, there are a few tools at your disposal: Bethesda runs the Status Portal page that provides information about the company’s various game services. Fans can also check for updates through the Bethesda Support Twitter account, which provides information about any unplanned outages across all of the studio’s games.

As may be expected with the so-called unknown error, the cause of the issue is not exactly clear. Still, the bottom line is that the game’s servers are experiencing technical problems and are temporarily down. This doesn’t just affect PC users, either; the problem affects all supported platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There is a silver lining here: Since the problem behind the error is server-side, there’s nothing you need to do to fix it. The game will be back up and running as soon as the developers can isolate and fix the problem. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how long that may take.

The Fallout 76 unknown error is exactly what it sounds like: A so-far unidentified problem. It clearly corresponds to unplanned server outages, meaning Fallout 76 will remain down until the problem has been fixed.