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The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Safe Code for Hillview Garage

The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Safe Code for the Hillview Garage safe is difficult to spot, given that the code itself is located in a spot off the beaten path. As such, finding the correct safe combination for TLoU2 Auto Shop safe can cause a headache, if you don’t know where to look.

Thankfully, the code isn’t too difficult to find if you know where to look, and we’ve listed the exact auto shop safe combination you need below.

What is The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop safe code?

The Last of Us 2 Hillview Garage safe code location

The Auto Shop safe code will require you taking on some Infected, though as it grants you a short gun holster and valuable crafting materials, it’s worth rooting out.

How to find the auto shop safe code

To find the auto shop safe code, you must go to the Toys and Treats pet store on the same block in Capitol Hill. You will find a room on the left that will require you to clear out Infected.

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After doing so, head to the kitchen in the back. You will then find a note on the wall that will tell you the code.

The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Safe Code is 30 82 65.

Opening the safe will grant players crafting materials, scavenged parts, ammo, and a short gun holster. You can use this to handily flick between short weapons such as your pistols, which will come in handy in combat given that you’ll be able to quickly rotate between these weapons as you run out of ammo.

The Hillview Garage safe can be found in a garage behind the tattoo shop. The garage has a dumpster located in front of it, which is holding some Infected inside of it, so tread with caution when approaching it.