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Valorant Noclip Exploit | What is the noclip bug?

A frustrating new bug has crept its way into Valorant. The so-called noclip exploit is exactly what it sounds like: An exploit that allows players to move through walls. The noclip function is not meant to be used in online play, but it’s somehow been enabled thanks to the recent Valorant update. Here’s what the Valorant noclip exploit is and how to spot this bug while playing.

What is the Valorant noclip exploit?

valorant noclip exploit bug

The Valorant noclip exploit allows players to move through walls or other in-game objects. It’s a bug that was apparently introduced in the latest update version 1.02, and it’s now being used in online matches. Based on the popular noclip cheat, the exploit is used to reach areas that are supposed to be inaccessible.

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While this is certainly a game-breaking problem, the noclip exploit won’t appear in all Valorant matches. That’s because it can only be used in a custom game with cheats enabled. However, assuming you’re playing custom matches, you may see players suddenly shifting through walls or barriers. Yikes.

The bug requires players to create a bind for the Ghost command. After using the bound key during a match, the player becomes effectively invulnerable. Not only can they pass through walls, they won’t be able to take any damage. In a multiplayer setting, it basically guarantees victory for the person using the exploit. Watch the chaos unfold in this video uploaded by YouTube user Crispeti:

Don’t be tempted to use it, though. While the Valorant developers are sure to fix the noclip exploit quickly, chances are good they can also ban players for using it. We can’t say whether or not that will happen, but we do know that the team at Riot is already looking into the bug and should have a fix deployed to all regions soon.

The Valorant noclip exploit is game-breaking in every sense of the term. A bug of this severity has potential to completely disrupt online play. Fortunately, it seems like the developers will be patching the problem as soon as possible.