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Fallout 76 Plasma Caster | Crafting Plan Location

Fallout 76 players with a penchant for heavy weapons will be very interested in the Plasma Caster. Added in the Wastelanders update, this energy weapon is a brute that turns plasma cartridges into shredded remains. However, if you want one for yourself, you’re going to have to locate and purchase the Plasma Caster crafting plan. Here’s where to find it.

Fallout 76 | Plasma Caster Crafting Plan location

fallout 76 plasma caster crafting plan location

The crafting plan for the Plasma Caster can be purchased from Regs in Vault 79. However, the option to buy the Plasma Caster plan will only be available after you’ve completed the Raiders or Settlers questline. If that’s been done, Regs will sell you the plan for 750 gold bullion.

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Yes, 750 gold bullion is quite a steep price for a weapon plan. Luckily, this is one of only a few weapons arguably worth the investment. It’s crafted using adhesive, circuitry, fiber optics, glass, nuclear material, screws, steel, and Legendary modules. As a Legendary weapon, it will receive a random effect once it’s been crafted.

The Plasma Caster is classified as an energy weapon, so it uses Plasma cartridges as ammunition. It also has a few interesting mods available for purchase from Regs in exchange for bullion. One is the Pulse Capacitor, which drains enemy Power Armor batteries with each hit. There’s also a Calibrated Capacitor for players who focus on critical hits, and two different barrel mods for those who try to keep enemies at a distance.

You’re going to have to get all the way through Wastelanders before you can get the Plasma Caster in Fallout 76. But, if you’ve got the experience and the money, Regs will be happy to sell you the weapon’s crafting plans. The cost is high, but the reward is an endgame-level heavy energy weapon with plenty of stopping power.