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Minecraft | How to make a Soul Lantern

The ability to make a Soul Lantern in Minecraft is one of the new things that have been added with the Nether Update. These Lanterns have some unique properties, which make them incredibly useful if you’re looking to decorate certain areas in a particular fashion. Fortunately, getting the materials needed to craft Soul Lanterns isn’t too tough. However, you’ll need to travel to the Nether to do it.

How to craft Soul Lanterns in Minecraft

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To make a Soul Lantern, you need first to craft Soul Torches. A Soul Torch requires:

  • 1 Coal or Charcoal
  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Soul Soil or Soil Sand

Minecraft Soul Lantern Soul Sand Soul Soil

Once you have your Soul Torches you can craft a Soul Lantern using:

  • 1 Soul Torch
  • 8 Iron Nuggets

The main issue you’ll likely have is finding Soul Soil or Soil Sand. This new resource can be found in a biome added with the Nether Update. The Soul Sand Valley Biome is the only place you can find these resources, and it’s located in the Nether.

To get Soul Soil or Soul Sand, you’ll just need to wander around the Nether until you find the Soul Sand Valley Biome. It’s a good idea to harvest a bit of Soul Sand and Soul Soil because it comes in handy with several crafting projects.

Soul Lanterns have a few unique properties that set them apart from regular lanterns in the game. They put off less illumination than the original lantern, making them a less efficient form of lighting. However, Soul Lanterns don’t melt ice or snow, which makes them perfect if you want to build a winter-themed settlement. This item can also be used to frighten away piglins. This is handy if you’re entering an area like a Crimson Forest of Bastion Remnant biome infested with the creatures but don’t want to wear gold armor to negate their aggro.