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Animal Crossing Summer Update 2 Release Date and Start Time

There’s not one, but two, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Updates. The first implements the ability to swim and dive in the ocean, catching new sea creatures and experiencing new encounters, while the second Summer Update is likely to expand the summery activities further. With the news of a second update, folks are no doubt asking themselves: “When is the Animal Crossing Summer Update 2 start time and release date?” Happily, Nintendo has given us a tease at when to expect the August update to drop.

When is the Animal Crossing Summer Update 2 start time?

Animal Crossing Summer Update start time

The Animal Crossing Summer Update 2 start time should start at around 6 AM UTC in “early August.” While we await official confirmation of the exact date, the launch time is easy to estimate, as it usually follows the same pattern.

  • 6 AM UTC
  • 7 AM BST
  • 2 AM ET
  • 11 PM PT

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While Summer Update 1 focused on exploring the ocean and rescuing Gulliver, it would be sensible to expect that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update 2 will focus more inland, with activities taking place on the island itself. Or, maybe we’ll see a brand new destination added, accessible through the airport.

I think many players would like to see minigames added, especially some that are playable with friends. Most of my summers have been spent outside playing sports with friends, so it would be cool to see something like that added to Animal Crossing.

Of course, the summer theme allows for plenty of other potential features. The addition of swimming pools would follow on nicely from the new ability to swim.

Whatever is included with Summer Update 2, you can be sure it will be welcome content for those who are still grinding away at the game, perfecting their island paradise.

We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available.