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What is the average Valorant rank?

What is the average Valorant rank? Riot Games’ online team-based shooter has been out for a little while now, with plenty of different ranking levels available to reach and become a master of. Read on to find out if you’re a good or bad Valorant player. Discover below what the average rank is in Valorant. Now that we’re some time into the game, we can start to see how many players are populating the different ranking levels in the game.

What is the average Valorant rank?

average Valorant rank

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Riot Games, it seems as though the average Valorant rank is Bronze/Silver. These appear to be the most highly populated ranking levels in Valorant, at least. As in most other online games, you’re more likely to find the lower-midrange ranks the most full with players. Bronze and Silver are the second and third-lowest ranks in the game. Given how a lot of players are still new to Valorant, it makes some sense that the average, not-too-serious player will find themselves in these ranks.

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The higher up the rankings you go, the more likely you are to find fewer players. Valorant rank is the highest level, and it should, therefore, feature only the top Valorant players. Generally speaking, though, you’ll find the most players between Bronze rank all the way up to Diamond. These middle ranks are where you’ll find most players. Based on this, it could be argued, too, that Gold or Platinum is the average rank, but it sounds a little high. For more regular players, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond will be considered a solid ranking.

If you’re new to the game, or only play it on occasion, Bronze/Silver rank is almost definitely the average ranking. Don’t feel discouraged if you find yourself at these levels. If you take the game more seriously, however, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond will be the average ranking level. It all depends on how much you play as well as your skill level.