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Fallout 76 Bloodleaf | Where to find Bloodleaf

There’s all kinds of strange flora hiding within Fallout 76. One of Appalachia’s most charming plants is called Bloodleaf, and it’s used in a number of different crafting recipes. If you’re trying to find Bloodleaf locations in Fallout 76, here are a few ideas of where to start looking.

Fallout 76 | Where to find Bloodleaf locations

fallout 76 bloodleaf locations where to find

Bloodleaf in Fallout 76 can be found growing in or around water, usually located around places with high levels of radiation. You’ll be able to find Bloodleaf growing in areas featuring natural bodies of water such as ponds, rivers, and lakes.

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If you’re trying to track down this plant, here are a few good places to start looking:

  • Lake near Site Alpha
  • River near Flatwoods Church
  • River bank outside Ohio River Adventures
  • Ponds south of Top of the World
  • Pools of water around the Gnarled Shallows
  • Shores around Spruce Knob Channels and Spruce Knob Lake

Bloodleaf should be pretty easy to spot: The plant’s name gives a fairly accurate description of its appearance. It’s a leafy bit of foliage tinged with red hues, typically sprouting out of a tangled mess of vines. It’s usually found right around shorelines, but it can also be found within the water itself.

Why would you want to pick this scary looking plant? That part is simple: It’s used to craft a bunch of different consumable items. Chief among these is the Healing Salve, but it’s also used for drinks such as Infused Bloodleaf Tea or the Sweetwater Special Blend. It’s also used in Disease Cure, Bloodbug Pepper Steak, and the New River Red Ale.

Bloodleaf in Fallout 76 is a fairly common plant with a rather uncommon appearance. You’re likely to find some anywhere you find bodies of irradiated water. If you see some, pick it up; you never know when you may need some to craft healing salves or brew up some tea.