When is the SYN game release date?

The 2020 Tencent Games press conference played host to the debut of SYN, an upcoming PC and console shooter with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Gorgeous visuals and obvious comparisons to CD Projekt’s highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 have lots of gamers excited, but is there a SYN game release date to look forward to?

What is the SYN game release date?

SYN game release date

No SYN game release date has been announced at the time of writing. Developer Lightspeed and Quantum Studios haven’t revealed when the game will launch on PC and consoles; additionally, which consoles the game is targeting hasn’t yet been specified. With SYN having just been revealed, we’d speculate on a 2021 launch at the earliest. With that in mind, it could take advantage of next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X hardware.

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While there’s no release date just yet — we’ll keep you updated — there are some early gameplay details. SYN will feature in-depth character creation and customization options. Not only can players completely change the look of their main protagonist, but they can also select and edit an animal companion.

Although no story details have emerged, it appears that players can align themselves with one of three factions: Enforcer, Anarchy, and Motorheads. As CODE: SYN is confirmed to be an open-world game, you’ll also be able to select and customize a vehicle to help you get around.

Lightspeed and Quantum Studios are owned by Tencent, with the developer being best known for its work on PUBG Mobile. SYN seems to be a more ambitious undertaking for the studio, though it looks to be worth keeping an eye on at this early stage. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge and the game approaches its PC and console release. For the time being, however, there’s no CODE: SYN release date to mark on our calendars.