Dr Disrespect sponsors reinstate ad campaigns despite Twitch ban

Dr Disrespect sponsors GameFuel and Razer have reinstated the ad campaigns they ran in unison with the streamer, despite his mysterious Twitch ban. Both sponsors previously removed the campaigns from their site and social media pages, though they have now reappeared and caused further confusion among those still questioning why Twitch severed ties with the internet personality.

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, was banned from Twitch this week, with the streaming platform offering no explanation as to why he was removed. His removal came in the wake of several high-profile bans, with Twitch cracking down on streamers who had been accused of sexual assault and harassment. However, Twitch did not clarify if Dr Disrespect’s ban was also related to this crackdown, leaving viewers guessing as to the reason behind the move.

His ban also led to sponsors seemingly dropping their affiliation with him. GameFuel and Razer both removed banners promoting their campaigns with the streamer, seemingly in response to the Twitch ban. However, both have now reinstated these banners.

Here’s GameFuel once again displaying its Dr Disrespect Twitter banner:

dr disrespect gamefuel ban

Credit: Twitter/@GameFuel

And here’s a comparison between Razer’s Dr Disrespect campaign page, with it being removed shortly after his Twitch ban, but then reinstated earlier today:

Dr. Disrespect’s Razer site before and after.

It’s unclear why GameFuel and Razer have both decided to once again promote their campaigns with Dr Disrespect. With no official reason given by Twitch for his ban, viewers have been left with little information.

Esports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau claimed that credible sources had given him the reason, though “due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject” he wouldn’t share details:

Now that GameFuel and Razer are displaying their campaigns with Dr Disrespect again, fans are again speculating about the nature of his ban. It’s typical for sponsors to drop their affiliation with streamers who have been banned from the platform under controversial circumstances, but these sponsorships being removed and then promoted again shortly afterwards suggests that Dr Disrespect’s ban an unusual one.

Dr Disrespect has remained silent on his social media pages since the ban, though it’s expected that Twitch will provide a public statement in the near future. Until then, fans are left with little more than speculation and vague comments from alleged inside sources.