Ninja returns to Twitch for the new Fortnite update

Ninja has returned to Twitch for the new Fortnite update, marking the streamer’s first stream on the platform since leaving it for Mixer. Ninja is currently the most-viewed streamer on Twitch, hitting 100,000 concurrent viewers within 20 minutes of going live.

Ninja — real name Tyler Blevins — fueled speculation that he would stream exclusively to YouTube after holding a YouTube Gaming stream of Fortnite last month. However, Ninja has now stopped the rumor mill in its tracks after holding a surprise Twitch stream, causing Fortnite to overtake Fall Guys as the most-streamed game on the platform.

Ninja started streaming with fellow Twitch streamer Dr Lupo this morning, though his Twitch partnership remains revoked. The company made the decision to remove his partner status after he left for Mixer, so it remains to be seen whether it will now be reinstated.

Earlier this month in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Ninja noted that he wanted to pursue movies and voice acting. According to the streamer, he is currently looking at “literally anything and everything Hollywood,” which includes voice acting along with making appearances in movies and cartoons. He is set to make a cameo appearance in the Ryan Reynolds comedy Free Guy, and has also been pitching his own ideas to companies.

Ninja also noted that his split with Twitch was “contentious,” though it seems that this relationship has been ironed out with him now making a reappearance on the platform. Considering that Ninja’s split with Twitch was reportedly the result of the company being hesitant to allow him to pursue his own licensing deals, the company may have become more lenient on this since he departed for Mixer.

You can check out Ninja’s Fortnite Twitch stream below: