Will there be a touchscreen Macbook or iMac?

Will there be a touchscreen Macbook or iMac? This is a question that has been asked many times over the years. It’s an often requested feature that, somehow, hasn’t managed to materialize after all these years. Read on to find out if there will ever be a touchscreen iMac or touchscreen Macbook or not. Find out below what we think about the situation and whether we think there will ever be a Macbook touchscreen or not.

Will there be a touchscreen Macbook or iMac?

will there be a touchscreen Macbook

There will potentially one day be a touchscreen Macbook and/or iMac, but we cannot say that for certain. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a touchscreen version of an iMac or Macbook in the future, but the fact that, as of July 2020, there hasn’t been one yet, does suggest that it might never happen. Apple may simply want its premium touchscreen dedicated to its mobile and tablet devices. Despite this, there does seem to be a potential push towards touchscreen Apple computers in recent months.

Back in January 2020, Apple patented “Cross Device Interactions,” (H/T: Forbes) which details using different Apple devices as interfaces for others. Within this patent, some example on a potential touchscreen Macbook (or iMac) was detailed: “In some embodiments, display 5012 is also a touch-sensitive display.” The patent added, too, that “in one or more of such embodiments, the user optionally performs a variety of finger inputs over display 5012 to enter user inputs via display 5012.”

This interesting detail in the Cross Device Interactions patent is pointing towards a potential touchscreen Macbook or iMac in the future. Unfortunately, too, details in patents sometimes never see the light of day as full releases. Often detail is added to cover a variety of different bases, rather than point to devices that do get made. With a push for iPad apps on Macbook, however, we can certainly see a touchscreen Macbook happening. We’ll have to wait and see if a touchscreen Macbook or iMac ever releases, however. Hopefully, a touchscreen Apple computer will release, sooner rather than later.