Hyper Scape ‘Coming Soon’ Modes | Solos and Duos incoming?

If you’ve been lucky enough to gain access to the Hyper Scape technical test, you’ve probably noticed a couple of modes are currently inaccessible. When matchmaking, only the “Squad” game type is available; the remaining two are locked and labelled as “COMING SOON” in the menu. What are these Hyper Scape “Coming Soon” modes, though? Keep scrolling as we share the latest details.

Hyper Scape ‘Coming Soon’ Modes | Solos and Duos being added?

Hyper Scape 'Coming Soon' modes

As previously mentioned, the Hyper Scape menu hints that at least three modes are planned. The current Squad mode is equivalent to Trios in a game like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the remaining modes were similar to traditional Solos and Duos options. The introduction of a Solos mode is corroborated by VentureBeat, which reports that a “Dark Haze Solo” game type is coming.

Dark Haze Solo is for lone wolves and tasks gamers with playing Hyper Scape in the dark. Not much else is known at this early stage, though it sounds to be an interesting addition considering the otherwise bright BR setting. It follows that the final mode could be a take on Duos, with solo players and groups of three sorted. Of course, until developer Ubisoft makes anything official that’s just speculation.

What are the Hyper Scape ‘Coming Soon’ modes?

  • “Squad” mode is currently available and caters to groups of three.
  • “Dark Haze Solo” mode is scheduled to be added and caters to solo players.
    • Unlike the bright and breezy Squad setting, Dark Haze Solo is (unsurprisingly) said to take place in the dark.
  • The remaining mode is unknown, though we’d speculate will most likely be a take on Duos (two-player squads).

Stick with us for more on Hyper Scape game modes as and when new information drops.