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When is the Mortal Shell release date?

After playing the Mortal Shell closed beta on PC via the Epic Games Store, people are eager to experience more of the challenging RPG. Can’t wait to punish yourself with the latest Soulslike on PC, PS4, or Xbox One? Here’s what you need to know about the Mortal Shell release date.

What is the Mortal Shell release date?

Mortal Shell release date

The Mortal Shell release date is currently scheduled for Q3 2020. Although it’s been reported that the launch is set for September, this has not been formally confirmed. The official release window does indicate that we should expect Mortal Shell to launch on or before September 30, however.

Q3 2020 marks the period beginning July 1 and ending September 30. At the time of writing, we currently occupy that window and should expect Mortal Shell to release very soon. That’s assuming that the game doesn’t fall victim to any delays, which could still happen. With the current state of the world forcing developers to work remotely, Cold Symmetry could potentially be behind schedule.

That’s merely speculation, though it could explain why a concrete date hasn’t been set so close to the proposed launch period. While the Mortal Shell beta has whet players’ appetites and left them eager to play more, ultimately, the dev team should take any extra time they need. The wait might be difficult, but it’ll make for a better product in the end.

While no next-generation console versions of Mortal Shell have been announced, we at least know that the Xbox One version will be playable on Xbox Series X via backward compatibility. With the PC build already looking visually impressive, hopefully, the Mortal Shell XSX version will be a graphical powerhouse. Either way, it should help masochists stay busy as they wait for the first wave of next-gen Soulslike RPGs.

Stay posted for updates on the exact Mortal Shell release date.