When is the EA UFC 4 beta release date?

When is the UFC 4 beta release date? EA Sports is taking another jab at the UFC franchise, with EA UFC 4 entering the ring on PS4 and Xbox One seemingly by the end of 2020. Before the full game releases, however, a beta is on the way for Xbox One, at least. Read on to find out when the UFC 4 Xbox One beta release date will be and what you’ll get to do in it.

When is the EA UFC 4 beta release date?

UFC 4 beta release date

The UFC 4 beta page has now gone live on the Microsoft Store, but it is not available to download and play as of writing. It does seem, however, that the beta will be available soon. With the beta leaking on the Microsoft Store, it looks like the EA UFC 4 beta release date will be happening sooner, rather than later. We can imagine the beta will be ready to play, hopefully, by the end of July 2020. We cannot say this for certain, though, and will update this guide with the correct release date as soon as we find out when it is. Stay tuned for more information.

Within the UFC 4 beta listing on the Microsoft Store, we are told that you can “Shape Your Legend in the EA Sports UFC 4 Beta.” We know that the beta should be around 10.47 GB in size, too, offering single-player, Xbox Live online and local multiplayer for two players and Xbox Live cloud saves and presence. It sounds as though the beta will offer plenty to get on with.

Back in the middle of June 2020, sign-ups were available for the UFC 4 closed beta. At the time, the codes were to be given out to players after a few weeks. Unfortunately, the registration period is over. You can no longer sign up to the game’s closed beta. It has been a few weeks now since the closed beta registration opened. We should, therefore, be able to play the beta soon. Again, we’ll update this guide with further information when it’s available.