How to add line breaks on Instagram

Sometimes you need to add in Instagram line breaks to your captions and comments. Line breaks can be used to help push a point, separate different links, and more. Read on, therefore, to find out how to add line breaks on Instagram. Discover below how to add a line break to an Instagram caption whether you’re using the app or on a PC. It’s time to make your posts that much better and easier to understand.

How to add line breaks on Instagram

Instagram line breaks

To add a line break on Instagram while posting, all you need to do is tap “enter” or “return” twice before typing in what you wish to say next. Doing this should create a line break that can help separate paragraphs in long captions and comments. This should create an invisible line break that separates the text that you wish to be separated. No one likes reading through a big long wall of text. You’ve got to separate your paragraphs whenever you can.

That’s really all there is to it. You can create a line break by tapping enter twice on both the Instagram app and when using your PC to post. It’s a very simple thing to do, but it’s understandable if you don’t know how to do it. If, for whatever reason, this technique doesn’t work, however, there are other ways of creating an Instagram line break.

Follow these steps for all known ways of adding a line break on Instagram in 2020:

  • Double-tap “enter” or “return” to put in an invisible line break
  • Place a symbol on a line to create a visual line break
    • The symbol can be anything, such as a dash, full-stop, or anything else you’d like to use
  • Write your caption on another app first and copy and paste it into Instagram

It seems as though it was more difficult to add Instagram line breaks in the past, but it should now be very simple.