Rainbow Six Siege | Please wait while we connect to servers fix

Loads of players trying to play Rainbow Six Siege are getting stuck waiting for the game to connect. Oftentimes the game will say “please wait while we connect to the Rainbow Six Siege servers.” Unfortunately, the software either stalls completely or takes a long amount of time before it successfully connects. Here’s what this error message means and what you can do to get back into the action.

Please wait while we connect to the Rainbow Six Siege servers

please wait while we connect to rainbow six siege servers

The error message asking you to “please wait while we connect to the Rainbow Six Siege servers” typically appears during server downtime. The game gets stuck trying to connect because the servers can’t provide an appropriate response to the client software. More often than not, the only fix is to wait until the problem gets resolved.

It’s the same old story, really: Online games require internet connections, the likes of which aren’t always stable. Servers can go down due to anything from storms to increased load or even good old-fashioned human error. In many cases, game servers experience connection issues or delays after software updates have been released.

Unfortunately, the “please wait while we connect” error is vague in nature. It can appear during any type of server downtime. The only pertinent detail is that it appears when Rainbow Six Siege servers are experiencing connectivity issues. Thankfully, you can easily check on the current status with Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege server status page. Barring that, you can always check sites like DownDetector to see if other players are reporting problems.

When your game tells you to please wait while it connects to Rainbow Six Siege servers, you should take the advice. Something has gone wrong, and you’ll have to wait until servers are back up and running. With any luck, you won’t be waiting for very long.