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Ke ke ke ke Pokemon GO Team Rocket | What does it mean?

What does Ke ke ke ke Pokemon Go Team Rocket mean? If you play a lot of the monster-catching smartphone game, you may well have encountered a number of Team Rocket members saying “Ke… ke… ke… ke…,” but what does it mean? Read on to find out what ke ke ke ke means in Pokemon Go and when you’re likely to see it. It’s a strange world out there in Pokemon Go.

Ke ke ke ke Pokemon Go Team Rocket | What does it mean?

ke ke ke ke Pokemon Go

“Ke… ke… ke… ke…” is an evil laugh. Certain Team Rocket grunts will laugh like this when you battle them. It might not read like much of a laugh, but it is. Coming from the same world where “fu fu fu” counts as a laugh, we’d say anything goes in Pokemon. But yeah, ke ke ke ke Pokemon Go is a laugh that Team Rocket members will make when you battle against them.

You will find the ke ke ke ke Team Rocket grunts all use Ghost-type Pokemon. For example, one Grunt variant will use three Sableyes, while another may use the Duskull evolution trio. The Shuppet evolution trio can also make an appearance. If you see “Ke… ke… ke… ke…,” you know that you’re about to face a Ghost team.

To defeat these Ghost-type Pokemon, you’ll want to fight with Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon. Remember, though, a Ghost-type move is super effective against a Ghost-type Pokemon. This means that the opposing Ghost-type Pokemon can attack you and deal super-effective damage to you when you’re using a Ghost-type Pokemon. A Dark-type Pokemon is probably your best bet here. Dark-type is resistant to Ghost-type, meaning a Dark Pokemon cannot be damaged by Ghost-type attacks. Ghost-type is super-effective against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon, so you’ll be okay with any that aren’t those when it comes to damage taken.