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What is the Superhot: Mind Control Delete Nintendo Switch release date?

What is the Superhot: Mind Control Delete Nintendo Switch release date? If you’ve enjoyed Superhot on the Nintendo Switch, you might want to play Superhot: Mind Control Delete. Can you get it on the Nintendo Switch and, if so, when is it coming out?

If you’re not entirely familiar with this franchise, Superhot is a game with a really cool idea: time only goes forward when you move. If you stand still, it moves very slowly, allowing you to weave your way through hordes of enemies like John Wick after ten cups of coffee.

Thus far, the game has gotten several multiplatform releases and one of these editions popped up on the Nintendo Switch a while ago. Now, the developers are getting ready to launch the third game in the franchise: Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

There’s one thing that some people are wondering about the next great Superhot game: what is the Superhot: Mind Control Delete Nintendo Switch release date? Will it ever get a Nintendo Switch launch?

When is the Superhot: Mind Control Delete Nintendo Switch Release Date?

Superhot: Mind Control Delete NIntendo Switch release date explosion

If you’re looking to play this next great Superhot game on the Nintendo Switch, there’s some bad news — the developers haven’t decided to bring this new Superhot adventure to the Nintendo Switch just yet.

“We’re not releasing or announcing MCD for Switch right now,” the developers said in an F.A.Q. about the new Superhot expansion. “We’ll let everyone know if this changes.”

While there is not yet a Superhot: Mind Control Delete Nintendo Switch release date, that’s not to say that the game will never come to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console. After all, they released the first game on the Switch and things look pretty similar, so it might be possible for them to bring the newest game in the Superhot franchise to the Nintendo Switch someday.