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Valorant Error Code 39 | How to fix

Valorant may be the hottest new competitive shooter around, but the game software still has a few kinks to work out. When something goes wrong, players are typically provided with an error code. If you’re here, you’ve probably come face-to-face with error code 39. What sort of issue does this number refer to, and what can you do to resolve the error? Keep reading to find out.

Valorant Error Code 39 Fix | What is error code 39?

valorant error code 39 how to fix

Valorant error code 39 corresponds to a problem with server connectivity. It typically appears with a message saying there was an error connecting to the platform. Error code 39 usually pops up when the game’s servers are down for scheduled maintenance.

When error code 39 appears, it’s worth checking on the current Valorant server status. During periods of server maintenance, code 39 as well as other numbered error codes will pop up before the software offers the option to quit the game.

If the servers are offline, there’s no need to try to fix this error. The only real solution is to wait until servers come back up again. Looking on the bright side, there’s nothing wrong with your software or computer hardware: Error code 39 has appeared because the entire game is offline.

With any luck, Valorant servers won’t be down for maintenance very long. Most downtime usually ends within a few hours of new game updates being rolled out. If you’re desperate to get back into the game, you can always check out the official Valorant Twitter account for the latest update straight from the developers.

Valorant error code 39 is vague in nature, offering no real explanation of the problem. However, the game says there’s an error connecting to the platform, which is your big clue that servers are offline. Fortunately, the simplest fix is to simply wait until things are back up and running.