Spotify App Keeps Crashing Fix | Why is the iPhone app not opening?

If you’re running into a “Spotify app keeps crashing” issue, know that you’re not alone. We here at Game Revolution have also noticed the app not opening on iPhone devices. July 10, 2020 is when this issue first popped up, but it will hopefully be resolved soon. In the meantime, read on for our troubleshooting guide on how to stop the Spotify app from crashing on iOS.

Spotify App Keeps Crashing | How to fix

Spotify App Keeps Crashing Fix

Here is a list of troubleshooting tips to follow in order to get the Spotify app to stop crashing:

  • Close the app fully and then reopen it.
    • You do this by either swiping up from the bottom of your home screen (iPhone X and newer), or by pushing the physical Home Button twice (iPhone 8 and older). Swipe the Spotify app away.
    • Then open it again to see if it works.
  • Reinstall the Spotify app.
    • Hold your finger on the Spotify app icon and select “Delete.”
    • Head to the App Store and search for the Spotify app.
    • Install it.
    • This fresh install should hopefully solve the issue.
  • Restart your phone.
    • The cliche method of “Turning it off and on again” can sometimes work wonders. Turn your iPhone off and then back on.
    • Try to load the Spotify app and see if it works.

If none of the above works, you’ll need to wait for Spotify to roll out a fix on their end. With many reports of this issue flooding Reddit and Twitter, it’s likely that Spotify will soon acknowledge the issue and provide an ETA for a fix.

Update: Spotify has acknowledged the issue in the tweet embedded below.

Here’s hoping we can all get back to listening to our music again. I suppose this is one of the big downsides to being at the mercy of a streaming service, as opposed to owning a physical collection!

While you wait for Spotify to get back up and running on iPhone, you may want to try using the service on another device. We can confirm that it still works on PC.