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How to level up skins in Valorant

How do you level up Skins in Valorant? Certain weapons have Skins that you can unlock/upgrade, getting flashier and fancier as you upgrade them, with new designs, colors, and even animations. You’ll be the talk of the battlefield with upgraded weapon skins in Valorant. Read on to find out how to level up Skins in Valorant. Discover below how to upgrade weapon skins in Riot Games’ online team-based shooter.

How do you level up skins in Valorant?

how to level up skins in valorant

To level up Skins in Valorant, you need to spend Radianite Points. You can get Radianite Points from either buying the Battle Pass or by spending Valorant Points. You have to spend real-world money on Valorant Points and the Battle Pass. Essentially, to upgrade weapon skins in Valorant, you need to spend your own money. As of writing, you cannot upgrade any Valorant Evolving Weapon by using them and earning XP. It’s a pay-to-look nice system.

Riot Games has essentially put upgradeable Weapons in Valorant behind a paywall. As stated above, you can either unlock Radianite Points through the purchasable Battle Pass or through buying them with Valorant Points. Depending on the Battle Pass, however, you will receive a limited number of Radianite Points for free.

How much do Radianite Points cost?

The price of Radianite Points should be as follows:

  • 20 Radianite Points | $15, or 1,600 Valorant Points
  • 40 Radianite Points | $25, or 2,800 Valorant Points
  • 80 Radianite Points | $45, or 4,800 Valorant Points

Upgradeable weapons in Valorant have multiple levels you can upgrade to. To fully upgrade to the Reaver Operator Level 5 will cost you a total of 45 Radianite Points, or around $30 dollars. No matter how you swing it, that’s a hefty expense for a set of weapon skins. Weapon skin upgrades cost either 10 or 15 Radianite Points, meaning around $5-15 a pop. This, coupled with the high cost of Valorant skins makes for an expensive game if you want to look different from others.

The Ignition: Act 1 Battle Pass, meanwhile, costs $10 and gives you 130 Radianite Points. It’s unclear if future Battle Passes will give the same rewards for similar prices. Hopefully, future Seasons in Valorant will offer more and cheaper ways of getting Radianite Points. We’ll have to wait and see.