Why is my Snapchat camera not working? Black screen fix

If you find your Snapchat camera not working on iPhone and Android, this may be the result of a new Snapchat update that has caused problems with the image messaging service on mobile devices. These issues include a black screen on Snapchat when users are attempting to access the app.

Snapchat users are reporting that when trying to access the app on iPhone and Android, they are instead being confronted by black screens preventing them from accessing the app. This means that they are unable to send snaps, while notifications on the app are also failing to disappear as they usually would. Let’s take a look at this issue, and see if there’s a fix?

Why is the Snapchat camera not working?

The Snapchat camera is not working due to an error associated with the app’s latest update. According to the company’s support staff, they are away that “Snapchatters are having trouble using the app right now.” They also alerted followers that they are looking into the issue:

At the time of this writing, a resolution has yet to be officially resolved. However, the support account also noted that there are some fixes available that may work for some users, even if a patch for this particular error has yet to be rolled out.

How to fix Snapchat black screen

In order to fix the black screens users have been getting on Snapchat, the app has advised that users must try logging out and then logging back into the app. However, users should also ensure that they have their Memories backed up before doing so, as logging out before these have been saved could result in them being lost.

It is also advisable to switch between internet connections. To do this, swap from your WiFi connection to your mobile network, and check to see if the problem persists when you do so. Often, issues tied to Snapchat are related to your internet connectivity, so even though this is a problem related to this latest update, it could be rectified by reconnecting to your WiFi.