How much does Rocket Arena cost? | Is it free-to-play?

How much does Rocket Arena cost? In these days of free-to-play games with Triple-A production values, including EA’s own Apex Legends, everyone wants to know is Rocket Arena free-to-play or not? Read on to find out if the new EA Original from Final Strike Games is free-to-play or not. Discover below what the Rocket Arena price is on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Is Rocket Arena free-to-play?

how much does Rocket Arena cost

No. Rocket Arena is not a free-to-play game. Unlike other games in the hero, team-based online shooter arena such as Valorant, Rocket Arena is a premium game, just as Overwatch is. You need to pay to play the new 3v3 arena-based online multiplayer third-person shooter. Thankfully, though, the Rocket Arena price is not through the roof and is on the lower side of modern video game cost.

How much does Rocket Arena cost?

how much does Rocket Arena cost

The standard RRP cost of a Rocket Arena download is $29.99, or £24.99. No matter whether you buy the game on PC or on PS4 or Xbox One, too, the price should be the same. Rocket Arena is a $30 game, at least, it is for those of us without EA Access Membership. If you’re an EA Access subscriber, the game costs a little less, coming in at $26.99. Rocket Arena Mythic Edition comes as part of the Origin Access Premier subscription.

The Rocket Arena price is the following:

  • Standard Edition:
    • $29.99
    • £24.99
  • Standard Edition (EA Access subscription)
    • $26.99
    • Around £22.50 (you should get a 10% saving)
  • Mythic Edition
    • $35.99
    • £34.99
      • You should get a 10% discount via EA Access subscription

Again, you get the Rocket Arena Mythic Edition at no extra cost as part of your Origin Access Premier subscription. The Mythic Edition contains the following extra content (as per the game’s Steam Store listing):

  • Guardian Phoenix Jayto Mythic Outfit
  • Frost Princess Kayi Outfit
  • Cyber Sailor Blastbeard Outfit
  • Stone Temple Izell Outfit
  • Pulsar Megablast Trail
  • Fragment Return Trail
  • 1000 Rocket Fuel

As with every game, there is a chance it will go on sale eventually. The prices above are representative of the game’s cost at launch.