Twitter Bitcoin Scam | Who has been hacked?

A number of different hacked Twitter accounts have been caught up in a new Bitcoin scam. Tweets from high-profile users and accounts are promising to double all BTC payments for a limited time. These messages are not officially sanctioned, leading to concerns over misplaced payments. If you’re wondering who you can trust, here’s a list of who has been hacked in the new BTC scam.

Who has been hacked in the new Twitter Bitcoin Scam?

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The new Twitter Bitcoin scam has affected mostly high-profile accounts. These include the Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, and several others. The BTC scam has also affected businesses such as Apple, Uber, Cash App, and several bitcoin-related accounts.

The full list of accounts affected is hard to track down, likely since the scam messages are being deleted as quickly as possible. However, these messages have begun trending under the hashtags #hacked and #twitterhacked, allowing many of the hacked accounts to be traced.

So far, the Bitcoin scam messages have been posted from the following hacked Twitter accounts:

  • Elon Musk
  • Bill Gates
  • Mike Bloomberg
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Joe Biden
  • Kanye West
  • Justin Sun
  • Apple
  • Cash App
  • Bitcoin
  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Kucoin

Several other Twitter accounts have also been linked to the BTC scam, though a closer examination shows the Tweets to be poking fun at the situation:

If you see any messages offering double Bitcoin payments or outright free Bitcoin payments, do not engage. Most if not all messages include a donation address or a link to a defunct website labeled, though the URL being hyperlinked could redirect to a malicious page.

This Twitter Bitcoin scam is widespread, and it may be quite some time before things get under control. Whatever the case, the long list of hacked Twitter accounts shows that the perpetrators have the capability of breaking into just about any account. You’d be wise to stay as far away from this as possible.