Box art - Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations

While adventuring through Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll come across picturesque settings where you can compose haiku. There is a haiku located in each region of Tsushima Island, but some are only accessible via missions. In fact, even if you actively seek them out, you won’t find all the haiku locations in Ghost of Tsushima until you finish the game.

What do you get for completing Haiku in Ghost of Tsushima?

There are 19 haiku in Ghost of Tsushima. Each of them rewards a headband when completed. The headbands are designed based on the theme of the haiku you composed. So, if you complete a poem requiring you to “reflect on fear,” you’ll get the Headband of Fear in return.

Does it matter what you choose when composing a haiku in Ghost of Tsushima?

Each haiku is composed of three lines, and you can choose between three different selections for each line. However, as far as I can tell, those choices don’t have any effect on the game. The haiku you composed will be preserved as the description of each headband you earn, so these choices are just a fun way to personalize those items.

Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations – Izuhara

Ghost of Tsushima Map Izuhara Haiku Locations

  1. Azamo Haiku – Near Kuta River Bridge
  2. Tsutsu Haiku – North of Ohama Fishing Village
  3. Ariake Haiku – Island in center of Lake Izuhara
  4. Komatsu Haiku – West of Komatsu Forge
  5. Kashine Haiku – Shigenori’s Peak, northwest of Komatsu Forge
  6. Komoda Haiku – Wolf Cub Falls, southwest of Komoda Town
  7. Hiyoshi Haiku – Kukai’s Falls, northeast of Keichi Fishing Village
  8. Hiyoshi Springs Haiku – Speak with the NPC in north Hiyoshi Springs, and he’ll mark it on your map. (This haiku is not marked on the map otherwise.)

Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations – Toyotama

Ghost of Tsushima Map Toyotama Haiku Locations

  1. Akashima Haiku – Southwest of Numata Settlement
  2. Umugi Haiku – North-northeast of Umugi Cove
  3. Otsuna Haiku – West of Okada Farmstead
  4. Kushi Haiku – Northwest of Koshimizu Farmstead
  5. Kubara Haiku – Northeast of Omi Village

Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations – Kamiagata

Ghost of Tsushima Map Kamiagata Haiku Locations

  1. Kin Haiku – Northeast of Kin Sanctuary
  2. Sago Haiku – West of Sago Mill
  3. Jogaku Haiku – North of Mount Jogaku, off Whaler’s Coast

Ghost of Tsushima Haiku Locations – Quest-Only

There are three haiku completed as part of in-game missions. Two you’ll encounter during the main story, while another is encountered on a side mission.

Warning: Story spoilers below.

  1. “Ghosts from the Past” Haiku – Unmissable, found in Act 2.
  2. “The Tale of Lord Shimura” Haiku – Unmissable, part of the final Jin’s Journey quest.
  3. “The Proud Do Not Endure” Haiku – Obtained during the second Yuriko side tale.