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Mario Kart 8 Course Guide: Retro Tracks

Course Guide

Efficient racing is one key to victory in Mario Kart 8, but knowing the ins and outs of each course also proves beneficial. Practice each track enough times and you begin to find paths and shortcuts that give an advantage.

Listed below are shortcuts for all the Retro courses in the game.

Retro Courses

Moo Moo Meadows: Contains no shortcuts.

Mario Circuit

  • After the first corner, use a mushroom to cut through the grass and get to the speed boost ramp early.
  • With enough speed you can hit the blue ramp near the end of the course and glide over the final part of the track.

Cheep Cheep Beach

  • Avoid the twisty turn in the middle of the course and just drive through the lighter part of the water.

Toad's Turnpike: Contains no shortcuts.

Dry Dry Desert

  • If you have a speed boost item, use to to go through the desert and jump off the collapsing pillars for stunt boosts.

Donut Plains 3

  • Use a mushroom to go through the gap between the colored stacks of tires.

Royal Raceway

  • Use a mushroom to pass through the grass and get on the ramp that's on the left of the big white trees. It will allow you to pull off a big stunt boost.

DK Jungle

  • Take the middle path near the end of the course, but be careful, it's a tricky jump.

Wario Stadium

  • There's some dirt to the left in the underwater section. Use a mushroom to cut through it and save some time.

Sherbet Land

  • Be on the lookout for a couple of coins next to an ice cube structure after the second frozen lake. With a speed boost you can take the shortcut and glide to the finish line.

Music Park

  • There's a ramp in some grass before the xylophone. Use a mushroom to reach it.

Yoshi Valley

  • Take a couple of lefts at the start of the race and then drive over the wooden bridge.

Tick-Tock Clock

  • On the first clock face, use the middle platform to stunt boost to the other side.
  • Use the cogs to your advantage and get a little more speed going when they are turning the right way.

Piranha Plant Slide

  • Look out for a steam vent near the middle of the track to get some height and reach a speed boost ramp.

Grumble Volcano

  • Head over the red and white ramp after reaching the big volcano and keep to the left of the track. Use a mushroom to go over the rocks and save time.

Rainbow Road (Retro): Contains no shortcuts.

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