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Ghost of Tsushima Horse Choice | Does it matter what I name my horse?

Shortly after you start Ghost of Tsushima, you’re faced with two very important choices. Yuna will take you to a stable and introduce you to your primary means of transport for the rest of the game. Choosing a horse in Ghost of Tsushima shouldn’t be taken lightly. After you select your steed, you’ll have to choose a name for your horse, which is also a decision that has a significant impact.

Does it matter which horse I choose in Ghost of Tsushima?

When you get to the stable, you’ll meet three horses. Yuna will ask you to pick between them so you can continue your flight from the Mongols.

Ghost of Tsushima Horse Choices

The three horse types are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Dapple

From what I can tell, there’s no functional difference between the three horses. However, there’s no turning back from this selection, so make sure you’re 100% certain before confirming your choice.

Does it matter what I name my horse in Ghost of Tsushima?

Once you choose a horse, you’ll need to name it. You’ll get three different names that you can pick from:

  • Nobu (Trust)
  • Sora (Sky)
  • Kage (Shadow)

Again, this doesn’t make any functional difference, but Jin will call the horse by that name for as long as he has it. So, again, make sure that you name your horse, something you’re happy with.

Can you change horses in Ghost of Tsushima?

Warning: Story spoilers below!

There are two ways to change horses in Ghost of Tsushima, one temporary, one permanent.

Throughout your adventures in Tsushima, you’ll find horses in Mongol camps, along the road, in stables, and pretty much anywhere there are people. You can ride these horses at your leisure. However, your original horse will always be bound to the whistle command (left D-Pad). So, technically you can change to another horse, just not call it.

You’ll also have to change horses as part of the story late in the game.