Box art - Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Dismemberment | Can you cut off limbs?

Ghost of Tsushima is a game that prides itself on authenticity. Knowing that, does it realistically depict what happens when you take a katana to a limb? Keep scrolling to find out if there’s Ghost of Tsushima dismemberment in the stealth-action PS4 game.

Ghost of Tsushima Dismemberment | Can you cut off arms and legs?

Ghost of Tsushima dismemberment

Ghost of Tsushima does feature dismemberment — you can chop off enemies’ arms, but not their legs. The game also features decapitations, as you can use the Slaughter move to separate leaders from their heads.

Protagonist Jin Sakai will randomly dismember an enemy in battle on occasion. There’s no way for the player to specifically target limbs or aim for dismemberment, but rather it will just occur naturally and sparingly. This more than likely plays into developer Sucker Punch‘s desire to make Ghost of Tsushima an authentic depiction of feudal Japan.

While being careful not to over stylize the game’s violence, Ghost of Tsushima‘s overall visual style is a standout feature. The environments are incredibly absorbing; minimal HUD elements play a part in that, including guiding wind and golden birds in place of a conventional mini-map. We go into more detail on the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive‘s graphics in the Game Revolution review.

Ghost of Tsushima Dismemberment | Can you cut enemy limbs off?

  • Ghost of Tsushima does feature dismemberment.
  • You can chop enemies’ arms off, but not their legs.
  • Dismemberments happen randomly — you can’t specifically aim to dismember people.
  • Leaders can be decapitated by using the Slaughter move.

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