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Dead by Daylight Crossplay | Does it have cross-platform play?

Dead by Daylight crossplay has been a highly requested feature for quite some time now. The game has had the feature on PC, but only between different launchers. However, Behaviour is finally implementing full Dead by Daylight cross-platform play so you can play with any other big non-mobile platform. But when is the release date? And what platforms does it work with? Will it include cross-platform progression?

Dead by Daylight crossplay release date

Dead by Daylight Crossplay | Does it have cross-platform play?

So when is it coming out? Behaviour has not given an exact date. In its post on the matter, the studio said it is “coming really soon” and hopefully before it starts snowing in Montreal. Granted that it is now summer in Montreal, this could still be some ways away. But it sounds like the cross-platform play is coming before the end of the year. Hopefully, Behaviour even has something planned with next-gen consoles as well but the studio has not announced anything in that realm.

Dead by Daylight crossplay platforms

The Dead by Daylight crossplay platforms are pretty much what you would expect. Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC players will all be able to play with each other in any game like one big family. There’s no overt mention of Stadia crossplay but it is probably under the “PC” banner.

Players will be able to opt out of crossplay through if they prefer. The studio is also going to monitor crossplay to make sure it is stable once it goes live and said it would also pull the plug if it goes haywire.

Mobile looks like it will be stuck in its own area, at least for the time being. Behaviour said it was “not part of [its] plan” since the versions are so significantly different. The team is making sure to put PC and console crossplay first.

Will Dead by Daylight have cross-platform progression?

Cross-platform progression is still pretty rare across the board and Behaviour even acknowledged by saying it was a technical challenge. It even boldly went on to say that the feature isn’t even confirmed to be coming outside of Stadia, Steam, and Switch players, who will have cross-platform progression at some unknown date in September.

But if it is coming to the consoles, it will be implemented similar to other games with the feature. Behaviour is going to ask players to create a Behaviour Account so they can have their progression on a console-agnostic profile that will sync across other systems. Hopefully, the team can make this happen for everyone but that is still up in the air.