Is Discord down? | Check Discord server status

Is Discord down? You might be thinking that if you’re seeing an unusual message when trying to log in. So is the popular online destination offline? Or is it just some planned maintenance on July 17? And if it is down, can you do anything to fix it?

Is Discord down?

Yes, Discord is currently down right now. You can send a tweet if you want, but Discord is already aware of the outage. The official accounted tweeted that it is investigating the issue as users are having trouble disconnecting (and presumable connecting). DownDetector also says that there are “Problems at Discord” in red, which is when you know it is bad.

So what can you do? Well, nothing. Since this is on Discord’s end, that means that you can’t do anything for the time being. You’re just going to have to wait it out until it all gets straightened out. Discord gave no estimated time to when it might have its services up and running again so you’ll just have to check back periodically until it’s back.