Box art - Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima All Weapons Unlocks and Locations

There are various weapons in Ghost of Tsushima you can use to defeat the Mongol invaders. All of the weapons in this game have their uses. Some are useful for head-on attacks, while others are best used to facilitate stealth. We have the Ghost of Tsushima all weapons list below to show you how and where you can expand Jin’s arsenal.

Ghost of Tsushima All Weapons List

There are twelve different weapons in Ghost of Tsushima that you can obtain throughout the game.

Sakai Katana

Location: Jin starts with this weapon

The Sakai Clan Katana is Jin’s primary melee weapon and the one you’ll use most during your adventure through the game. It’s incredibly versatile, and you’ll gain a host of abilities that make it more deadly. It can also be upgraded to be even more potent by visiting swordsmiths.

Sakai Tanto

Location: Obtained in Act I automatically as part of the story.

The Sakai Clan Tanto is the second part of Jin’s daisho, and is his primary stealth weapon. This dagger-like blade can only be used when the enemy is unaware. It’s typically an instant kill on lower-level enemies. You can upgrade the Tanto to cause more damage by visiting swordsmiths scattered throughout Tsushima.

Half Bow

Location: Obtained from Sensei Ishikawa in Act I as part of the main story.

The Half Bow is Jin’s first ranged weapon and is useful at short and mid-range. You can gain the ability to fire flaming arrows by completing the Ishikawa’s fourth Side Tale, “The Way of The Bow.”

Long Bow

Location: Rewarded for completing the Mythic Tale “The Curse of Uchitsune.”

The Long Bow is excellent for long-range sniping. The Long Bow’s heavier bow string takes longer to draw than the Half Bow’s, but it’s much more powerful.

Blow Gun

Location: Obtained from Yuriko during the main story in Act II.

The Blow Gun can fire a poison dart that instantly kills any enemy it hits in a gruesome manner. If other enemies witness this death, they can potentially be scared off. You can also get Hallucination Darts by completing Yuriko’s first Side Tale, “The Proud Do Not Endure.” These darts cause enemies to go mad and fight anyone they see, friend or foe.

Ghost Weapons

The following weapons can be unlocked by purchasing them through the Ghost Weapons skill tree:

  • Kunai
  • Black Powder Bomb
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Wind Chime