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Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content 22 GB | Why is the download so large?

Those downloading Ghost of Tsushima are puzzled by how the large size of the pre-order bonus. The Ghost of Tsushima bonus content is 22 GB, which is nearly as large as the game itself. So, what’s taking up all that data? We’ll take a look below.

Why is the Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content a 22 GB download?

If you pre-ordered Ghost of Tsushima, you were likely surprised when you began the pre-load. In addition to the 35 GB that makes up the main game, there is also a 22 GB download for “Bonus Content.” Given that the bonus content is almost as big as the game itself, you’d think there must be something pretty incredible included?

The Bonus Content is so large because it contains the director’s commentary. Typically, when you think of commentary, a separate audio track over the movie or game comes to mind. However, the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Commentary is a 45-minute video featuring a roundtable between the game’s developers. It’s almost certain that this makes up the extra 22 GB.

Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content Download 22 GB

The director’s commentary video is high-bitrate and features high-quality audio. As anyone who works with video knows, Blu-ray quality files are large, and as far as I can tell, that’s what we’re dealing with here.

If you’re low on space and want to save 22 GB on your PS4’s hard drive, you can delete the Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content with no ill effects on the main game. The pre-order bonus costume is downloaded as part of the main game, so you don’t risk losing any DLC by getting rid of the director’s commentary.

Hopefully, in the future, Sony will make the contents of these bonus content downloads a bit clearer. Given that the commentary takes up enough room for one (or more) games, it should be made evident that it’s an optional file.