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Fallout 76 Ash Rose Locations | Where to find Ash Rose

If you need to brew up some tea or healing salve in Fallout 76, you’ll want to find some Ash Rose. This red-hued flower is used to regain health and ward off diseases. Fortunately, Ash Rose locations are spread all across the southwestern side of Appalachia. Here’s where to start looking.

Fallout 76 | Where to find Ash Rose locations

where to find ash rose locations fallout 76

Ash Rose in Fallout 76 can be found in locations like Lewisburg and Silva Homestead. The best place to find Ash Rose is in the Ash Heap, particularly around Welch or the entrance to the Big Bend Tunnel.

Lewisburg is also a good place to start searching. There you’ll find a few rooftop greenhouses where Ash Rose is grown in abundance. To get there, follow the stairs from back alleys up to the rooftops near the town hall. As a bonus, this is also a good place to find fertilizer.

Generally speaking, you can find Ash Rose growing in areas toward the southwest side of the map. Within Ash Heap, Ash Rose will appear as far north as Charleston Landfill. With that said, it more commonly appears farther south, such as round the Abandoned Mine Shafts, Mount Blair Trainyard, the Red Rocket Filling Station, or Vault 63.

Either way, keep a lookout for these flowers wherever you go. Not only can they be used to make Simple or Steeped Ash Rose Tea, they’re also a component of Healing Salve and Disease Cure. They can also be mutated into Rad Roses if they’re hit by an ICBM. Rad Roses can then be turned into Raw Yellowcake Flux, one of the game’s more rare crafting components.

You won’t find Ash Rose in Fallout 76 until you start venturing toward the south end of Appalachia. If you can brave the danger, however, you should find plenty around Ash Heap. Lewisburg, Welch, and the Abandoned Mine Shafts are great places to start looking.