Wayward Souls Boss Guide

Boss Guide

Wayward Souls includes three bosses for the three main dungeons. Each comes with its own set of attacks and moveset, so players will have to adjust for each encounter. These strategies should help players take care of the Wayward Souls bosses in no time.


Location: Fifth floor of the Cursed Hollows

Humphrey has four attacks, the first of which is easy to dodge and allows for some counterattacks. When he swings his hammer, simply move to the side to avoid its range and then go in for some melee hits before he readies his next move. For his second attack, he jumps and slams his hammer on the ground, which does quite a bit of damage. Just pay close attention to where he plans to land and move out of the way. The third and most unpredictable attack finds him jumping off the screen entirely for about three seconds and then landing in a random spot, which deals a lot of damage and hurls a series of projectiles as well. It can be hard to avoid, but move around the level and try your best to predict his landing spot. Lastly, he swings his hammer and produces projectiles in the direction he's facing.

The key to beating Humphrey is staying close by when he does his hammer swing so you can go in for a series of attacks. His attacks are easy to telegraph and avoid, except when he jumps off the screen. The rogue is the best class for this fight, as you can dodge through him and execute a bunch of backstabs.


Location: Seventh floor of Amaranth Keep

Amaranth isn't the only enemy to worry about in this fight, so crowd control is the key to victory. Knights will fall into battle throughout the encounter, so string them along and try to fight them one-on-one. In fact, you can get Amaranth to kill his own allies. The boss himself likes to charge at the player and swing his sword and then pause for a few moments. Avoid the charge and attack a few times, but also use any spells you have to deal even more damage. The mage is a good class for this fight since as it allows you to create some distance and play the ranged game.

The King of Thorns (Bearer)

Location: Ninth floor of The Fallen Kingdom

The King of Thorns doesn't pose much of a challenge for the last boss fight in the game. She shoots a series of projectiles in various patterns, but dodging them isn't too much of an issue. Really it's just about avoiding those projectiles, getting in class, and wailing on her. If you do happen to die, don't worry. As they say, practice makes perfect. You'll recognize those projectile patterns in no time.

If you have hourglass items this boss fight is a cakewalk - freeze time, attack her a bunch, and repeat the process. Then congratulate yourself on beating Wayward Souls!

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