Towerfall Ascension Awards List

Awards List

After every round of Versus mode in TowerFall, players receive three awards based on their performances. They may be complementary, derogatory, or just plain amusing, but the game doesn't exactly explain what each award means. Some are self-explanatory, but players interested in the "Battle Stenography" achievement/trophy will want to know the requirements for each one. Luckily we have them covered with this handy list.


1Most LethalKilled the most archers without winning in Last Man Standing (requires 3+ controllers).
2Bubble Breaker AwardDestroyed many bubble shields.
3Quick Draw AwardDon't hold X/Square to aim.
4Most DeviousGet a kill using screen wrapping.
5Most VindictiveGet a kill with an arrow you shot right before you were killed (requires 3+ controllers)
6GreediestGet the most treasure from chests.
7Longest InningsSurvived the longest (requires 3+ controllers)
8Late to the Party AwardGet the last kill of a round, and only the last kill (requires 3+ controllers)
9Mostly HarmlessMissed the most arrows and didn't get any kills (requires 3+ controllers)
10Most PreparedHave the most arrows.
11Least PreparedHave the least arrows.
12Most Trigger-HappyShot the most arrows.
13Worst AccountingTried shooting without any arrows left.
14Who Needs Arrows?Get all your kills by stomping on heads.
15Marksmanship AwardDon't miss any shots.
16Longest ShotGet a kill over a long distance.
17Pickpocket AwardStole the most arrows by bumping into people.
18Most RegalWear the crown the most by being in first place.
19Regicide AwardKilled the most first-place players (requires 3+ controllers)
20Fetal Position AwardSpent a lot of time crouched.
21Cannonball AwardHeld down to fall quickly a lot.
22Koala AwardClung to ledges the most.
23Koala Hunter AwardKill players who are hanging onto ledges by walking onto their heads.
24Most EvasiveDodged the most arrows.
25Most ZenCaught the most arrows.
26Least ComposedDied while trying to dodge during your dodge cooldown.
27Artless Dodger AwardSpammed dodge a lot but never actually caught an arrow.
28Most TwitchyCatch at least two arrows with the "no dodge" variant.
29Super BooperGet a stomp kill by dodging horizontally.
30Most TakebacksRecovered the most arrows.
31Turncloak AwardKilled your teammates in Team Deathmatch (requires 3+ controllers).
32Damage Control AwardCatch an arrow your teammate shot at you (requires 3+ controllers).
33Most RecklessDied the most from stage traps like lava and spiked balls.
34Most CompressedGot crushed by moving platforms.
35Most FashionableRetrieved your hat. If your hat gets shot off, walk over it and press down.
36Usurper AwardTake the crown as your own. Kill the player wearing the crown, walk over it, and press down.
37William Tell AwardShoot the hats off your enemies' heads many times.
38Bottle Rocket AwardDodge away from explosions and survive them.
39Double KillTwo kills from one shot (requires 3+ controllers).
40Triple KillThree kills from one shot (requires 4 controllers).
41Cause and Effect AwardKill yourself with a laser arrow bounce.
42Bank Shot AwardBest laser bounce kill. Requires at least two bounces.
43Green Thumb AwardGet many kills with the thorns from bramble arrows.
44X-Ray Vision AwardGet many kills with drill arrows by shooting through terrain.
45Most Conductive AwardCatch a bolt arrow and kill a player with the electrocution that discharges from you.
46Right Angle AwardGet many kills with bolt arrows that have changed direction.
47From the Grave AwardTurn on the "return as ghost" variant and get multiple kills (requires 3+ controllers).
48Eagle Eye AwardDon't miss your shots.
49Vendetta AwardKill the same character multiple times (requires 3+ controllers).
50Most ThoroughSwept the most rounds.
51Comeback King/Queen/KidCome back from a 0-4 deficit to win.
52Steak in the Mouth AwardWon the game, lost your winning point via suicide before round ends, and then end up losing the entire game.
53Consolation PrizeDidn't meet the requirement for any awards.
54Overachiever AwardFinished with two more points than required (requires Headhunters mode and 4 controllers).
55Ironman AwardDidn't die at all.