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The Sims 4 Rewards Guide and Ratings

The Sims 4 Rewards List and Ratings

Aspiration Points in The Sims 4 usually don't come easily, and you'll need to cycle through whims and complete aspirations goals to get the bulk of them. So here's a handy guide as to which rewards you should go after first, with each reward rated out of 5.

But in short, you should take the rewards that lower or remove the decay of your Sim's core needs to free up as much time as possible. If you're looking for what to grab first, save 4,000 aspiration points for the Never Weary reward as soon as possible.


Instant Fun - 100 Aspiration Points - Instantly fills the Fun Need!

(3/5) - Fun is one of the few needs that remains unaffected by the other high-tier awards. The Carefree reward only makes sure that you never become tense (which occurs when the fun meter is low), but the fun meter will still drop at the normal rate. The only reason this reward ranks higher than the Instant Hygiene reward is because it gives you a quick fix if you choose to "work hard" at work. For just 100 points, you can make the stress go away and get yourself that promotion instead of having to wait a few more days. Fun is more difficult to recover than hygiene, anyway.


Instant Hygiene - 100 - Instantly fills the Hygiene Need!

(2/5) - Not a very useful one-time use. You might as well take a shower anyway, and one of those that grants a mood anyway. Hygiene is one of the easiest and quickest needs to recover. But I suppose if your Sim has little time to cleanse before work calls, this is a okay reward to take. 


Confident Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Confident!

Energized Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Energized!

Flirty Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Flirty!

Focused Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Focused!

Happy Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Happy!

Inspired Potion - 200 - Drink this to temporarily make your Sim Inspired!

(3/5) All of these three-hour mega-boost potions have their place, particularly when building skills that fall under a certain mood's influence (like being Inspired while writing novels) or entering work with the indicated ideal mood. The Happy Potion has more versatility since it stacks with whatever is the most dominant mood into "Very" status (but watch out for the Playful mood since it you can actually die from laughter). Take note, though, that there is NO Playful Potion. You'll need to tell jokes to get this one going. The Energized Potion is also useful only because Energized Decor and objects are rare apart from digging up crystals.


Sleep Replacement - 400 - Instantly fills the Energy Need!

(2/5) Meh. Filling the Sleep need instantly may be useful in the early game, but your first reward should be going after the Never Weary reward at 4,000. Yes, that's ten times the cost, but if you're playing the game in the long-term and aren't using cheats to disable need decay, then skip this reward unless you absolutely need it.


Always Welcome - 500 - Always Welcome Sims will act more at home when at others' residences, and the hosts won't mind at all!

(2/5) I haven't found a good use for this reward apart from performing Mischief deeds. Take it if you're feeling tricksy.


Gym Rat - 500 - Gym Rats build Fun while exercsing and don't lose Hygiene!

(4/5) For just a paltry 500 inspiration points, you can head to the gym or work out from home without worrying about hygiene going down the drain all while the fun meter actually rises. If you're at all interested in keeping a fit body or are in a career or aspiration that requires high fitness, this perk will help you tremendously.


Moodlet Solver - 500 - Instantly removes all negative Moodlets from your Sim

(3/5) Avoiding negative moodlets is not particularly difficult and there are plenty of methods to remove or reduce the effect of negative moodlets without taking this reward. Maybe keep one around just in case, but you can save the 500 points for something else.


Speed Cleaner - 500 - Speed Cleaners tidy up much faster!

(2/5) Cleaning doesn't take a lot of time, but puddles and greasy counters occur often enough that reducing the amount of time it takes to sanitize is worth the reward if you have the spare points. It's not a huge time-saver, though.


Insta-Large - 750 - Drink this to become a bigger you!

Insta-Lean - 750 - The most efficient diet beverage on the market

(1/5) This is purely cosmetic. Perhaps you've been staying too lean or too fat and want to see what being the opposite would be like. But apart from getting the achievement of being super fat and super thin (and achievements don't really give you anything), these potions are not worth the hassle. Just work out or eat enough food to get where you want your Sim's body to be on a consistent basis.


Mentor - 1,000 - Once Mentors reach Level 10 in certain skills, the Mentor interaction becomes avaialble and they can help other Sims improve their skils even more quickly!

(3/5) Mentorship is great in building relationships since it grants a constant relationship bonus (+2 per tick). If you're a generational player (someone who wants to have a large family in the Sims), then this reward is indispensable. Otherwise, the Mentor ability you earn in reaching Level 10 in fitness can be used as a suitable replacement.


Morning Sim - 1,000 - Morning Sims build extra skill in the morning.

(3/5) Though not as useful as the Night Owl reward below, merely because the morning hours are not as long as the night hours, this is still a good trait to have around. In the wee hours of the morning, you will get a free +1 happy trait and a bonus to skill gains. So why the hell not?


Night Owl - 1,000 - Night Owls build extra skill at night.

(5/5) This is exactly like the Morning Sim reward except that it lasts all night. The Morning Sim effectively replaces this perk, thereby extending the +1 happy perk and skill gain bonus. It's not essential, but definitely not bad for the price tag.

Speed Reader - 1,000 - Speed Readers read books faster than your average Sim.

(4/5) Some goals have you read lots of books which can take a long time to get through. I believe this also impacts the rate at which skill books accrue points, but I'll need to test this further. Whatever the case, this makes reading much quicker so that you can continue on with your life sooner.


Free Services - 1,500 - All single-use service requests are free.

(2/5) The only services available via phone are the maid service and pizza delivery. The latter is all but unnecessary since you can easily cook everything and you can gain some strong inspiration and happy moodlets for doing so. The maid service is useful if you don't like to clean up after yourself, but by the time you really need a maid, you should be rolling in so much dough that the upkeep of having a maid shouldn't be a hassle anyway.


Marketable - 1,500 - Marketable Sims sell items they're crafted for more Simoleans!

(3/5) - Getting more simoleons out of crafted items is never bad, particularly if you're sticking to the woodworking station for income. Otherwise, it's not that useful if you're relying on royalties or your career for income. Of course, this reward is rather useless if you just cheat with the "motherlode" code, but hey, we're assuming you're playing this legitly.


Potion of Youth - 1,500 - Drink this to turn back the clock on your Sim's current age.

(4/5) You'll probably only consider this potion if you leave aging on and want your Sim to stay practically immortal... as everyone around them meets the Grim Reaper. Sad. Still, not a terrible option to take, and for its point cost, the benefit is quite fantastic.


Creative Visionary - 2,000 - Creative Visionaires have a higher chance of painting and writing masterworks.

(4/5) This is essential for writers and artists to create the bestseller and masterpiece-quality work. There are a few aspiration goals and career goals that require your Sim to complete a certain number of these masterworks, and hey, who doesn't want extra money in the bank for selling them?


Entrepreneurial - 2,000 - Entrepreneutrial Sims are more likely to get promoted in their Career.

(3/5) - Having a career is all about getting those promotion sooner, though most of your work won't be in getting that work performance bar higher but completing all the side goals required to rank up to the next job level. Entrepreneurial just makes it far easier to be promoted once you've checked off all the boxes. Not a bad time-saver.


Frugal - 2,000 - A Frugal Sim's household has reduced bills.

(4/5) - This won't take care of your bills completely, but it will provide a nice discount to the weekly bill for sure. And the savings do add up as your house becomes a mansion of massive proportions.


Independent - 2,000 - Independent Sims' Social Need decays slower.

(5/5) - Slowing down the Social need bar, which is a meter that's among the most time-consuming to rebuild, is a fantastic reward. It will certainly free up your time (you loner) to concentrate on work and skills.


Observant - 2,000 - Observant Sims learn the traits of others just by meeting them.

(3/5) - Discovering traits of other Sims isn't as useful this time around. In The Sims 3, you could just enthuse with a Sim with similar interests and continue to so to make a best friend in about a minute. This doesn't mean observant isn't invaluable, since knowing some traits ahead of time will improve the success of certain interactions. For instance, a "geek" will almost never feel bad discussing other geek subjects. However, Observant's effects only work upon interacting with people your Sim doesn't know yet, so I suggest getting Observant sooner than later for the most benefit. (It also renders the investigation ability of Secret Agents obsolete.)


Shameless - 2,000 - Shameless Sims will never get Embarrassed!

(3/5) - Embarrassment can turn Sim interactions sour and make your Sim feel like a fool. So taking Embarrassment out of the equation is a fair deal, though in a way you're losing out on seeing some unique socials that embarrassment can lead to. I suggest exploring the various interactions that come from embarrassment until you feel comfortable knocking out this piece of content altogether. It will definitely make conversations and schmoozing with your boss much safer.


Steel Bladder - 2,000 - Sims with a Steel Bladder rarely have to pay attention to their Bladder Need.

(5/5) - You never have to waste time pissing in the pot ever again. Your Bladder Need rarely ever goes down, and at most you'll need to pee about once every two weeks, just so you can keep the "High Needs" happy moodlet.


Beguiling - 2,500 - Beguiling Sims can put anyone in a flirty mood with just one look.

(3/5) - Under the Romance set of socials, this will allow you to make your romance partner flirty. Not that useful really, but it does make flirty interactions much easier and thereby the Romantic Aspirations easier. Your Sim can beguile another Sim for a flirty moodlet that should make the path to a WooHoo a less bumpy one.


Antiseptic - 3,000 - Antiseptic Sims' Hygiene Need decays much slower.

(5/5) - Your Hygiene bar will still decrease over time but at much reduced rate. Unless your Sim workouts a lot or likes digging around collectibles, you'll rarely need to take a shower or bath. But still, the moodlets for taking a shower are worth doing so anyway. This just makes sure that when you shower, you actually mean it instead of being obligated.


Carefree - 3,000 - Carefree Sims will never get Tense.

(2/5) - Never getting tense is a very minor boon. Having very low fun does happen every once in a while, particularly if you choose the "work hard" tone for better work performance, but the Fun need climbs easily just by viewing art, watching TV, or surfing the web. And there's the Instant Fun reward for just 100 aspiration points. Take this only if you really have nothing better to spend your points on.


Connections - 3,000 - Sims with Connections start all Careers several levels ahead!

(4/5) - This doesn't actually skip the first few levels of a career, but makes your Sim advance to Level 4 of a career as if he or she had completed the prior levels all in one fell swoop; specifically, your Sim will receive the household funds and unlockables for levels one through three. This reward is great for players who plan on exploring every career as quickly as possible, if just to unlock all the special items in the game.


Fertile - 3,000 - Fertile Sims have an easier time when trying for a baby, and a higher chance of twins or triplets.

(3/5) - Only consider this if you plan on having a child in the game. But it's not like having a baby is that difficult. Still, fertile will be useful for generational players who want their Sims to have babies as soon as possible or even twins and triplets.


Great Kisser - 3,000 - Great Kissers have amazing success with kissing, and increase Charisma with every kiss!

(3/5) - Kissing already rarely fails so long as your Sim is in a flirty mood and has a reasonable amount of romance built with his or her potential partner. So taking this reward isn't that beneficial unless you want to start off smacking lips together right from the start. Kissing with this perk will build the charisma skill, though, so if you do take this reward, consider doing so when your charisma skill is low to get the maximum benefit out of it.


Hardly Hungry - 4,000 - Some Sims just don't have much of an appetite.

(5/5) - Similar to Antiseptic, this reward reduces the decay of the Hunger need, which opens your Sim to do other things than cook all the time. Producing a Party Platter (8 servings) of food and then storing it in the fridge will make it so that your Sim can last on a single cooking session for more than a week.


Never Weary - 4,000 - Never Weary Sims do not need to Sleep.

(5/5/) - Can I give a 6/5 rating? This should unquestionably be the first and foremost reward your Sim takes. Save up for it and wait. Not having to sleep ever gives your Sim about eight hours back every day. Your Energy need will never decrease ever. Your Sim is now superhuman.


Professional Slacker - 4,000 - Profesional Slackers have no fear of being demoted or fired.

(3/5) - I never have trouble with work performance. So long as you perform the daily task, choose the "work hard" tone, and go into work at an ideal mood, you should never be demoted at work. But just in case, or if you're having trouble staying at your job's current rank, go ahead and take this if you need it.

Savant - 4,000 - Savants gain all skills much faster!

(5/5) - Though it's not clear how much faster the skill rate is boosted, I can confirm that the bonus is substantial enough that this reward is well-worth taking. The earlier, the better. Combined with the right moodlet, as well as the Night Owl/Morning Sim reward, reaching the max level for a skill should be a breeze.


Super Green Thumb - 4,000 - Super Green Thumbs will find that the plants they garden have amazing vitality!

(3/5) - This is an extremely specific reward for gardening and it will improve your chances of having the best buds and plants in the neighborhood. But that's all this does, and for 4,000 aspirations points, I wouldn't blame you for taking this perk somewhere far down the line.

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