Towerfall Ascension PC Cheats

General Tips
  • Catching arrows is perhaps the most important thing in TowerFall. If you can master that, you can beat anyone. It's even possible to catch multiple arrows at once with perfect timing.
  • Be careful when opening treasure chests, there may be a bomb inside!
  • Remember that levels wrap around. Shooting an arrow to the left of the map to target someone on the right side always proves satisfying.
  • Spamming arrows can be a valid strategy in certain situations, though it may upset your opponent...
  • Remember to jump on opponents' heads, especially if you run out of arrows.
  • When time runs short and the walls start caving in, use that to your advantage. Your opponent may be distracted, which is a great time to be more aggressive.
  • Laser arrows can be very dangerous – be sure not to accidentally kill yourself.
  • Holding the shoot button allows you to aim your arrows, so use it often.
  • Don't use special arrows haphazardly. Wait for the perfect opportunity to use them, even if it means being less aggressive. Wasting a perfectly good bomb arrow is a terrible thing.
  • We all love shiny treasure chests, but don't let your guard down. Your opponent also knows your intentions and may be waiting to target you when you head for the bait.




Steam/PSNWay of the OrderComplete the first three towers of Quest mode
Steam/PSNSerpent HymnsDiscover Sunken City
Steam/PSNCreation MythDiscover TowerForge
Steam/PSNOmensDiscover Moonstone
Steam/PSNExulunaUnlock the white archer
Steam/PSNDemon QueenUnlock the purple archer
Steam/PSNDemented ThespianUnlock the cyan archer
Steam/PSNAscensionDiscover Ascension
Steam/PSNFables RecluseUnlock the yellow archer
Steam/PSNRaptureComplete Ascension in Quest mode
Steam/PSNTell TalesPlay 1,000 rounds of Versus mode
Steam/PSNCrimson ShieldEarn eight red skulls in Quest mode
Steam/PSNGolden GoddessEarn 14 red skulls in Quest mode
Steam/PSNThief's BadgeBeat 30 diamond times in Trials mode
Steam/PSNBattle StenographyEarn every award in Versus mode (see Awards list)
Steam/PSNTime LordComplete all 36 stages in Trials mode, with a total best time of under 2:15
Steam/PSNMassive MythologyPlay 5,000 rounds of Versus mode
SteamSleepy MasterFall asleep in combat
SteamHigh TreasonPut on the King's crown
SteamDex CheckBeat 10 diamond times in Trials mode
SteamReaper's CrownEarn a gold skull on King's Court in Quest mode