Snapchat Minimum Age Limit | How old do you have to be?

Snapchat has always been a popular app among teenagers and young adults. However, the app has an age limit in place meant to ensure that Snap users all meet a minimum age requirement. So, how old do you have to be to use Snapchat? And is there any security measure in place to prevent young users from signing up for the service?

How old do you have to be to use Snapchat?

how old do you have to be to use snapchat

You have to at least 13 years old to use Snapchat. The app’s minimum age limit is outlined in its terms of service, stating that no one under 13 years of age is allowed to create a Snapchat account.

The 13 year old age requirement was established when the Snapchat app first launched back in 2012. That limit has not changed; you still need to be at least 13 years of age to use Snapchat in 2020.

For concerned parents or guardians, it’s worth mentioning that this age restriction is easily bypassed. The app will ask for a user’s age when creating an account, but there are no hard checks for identity or age. The age requirement can be bypassed simply by changing your stated birth year.

Snapchat’s terms of service also state that convicted sex offenders are not allowed to create an account or use the service. Though this clause may be intended to limit liability, it does provide some level of additional security for teenage users.

Previously, entering an age below 13 would redirect the user to install SnapKidz, a child-friendly version of Snapchat. However, SnapKidz was discontinued around 2016. Now, Snapchat simply states that you must be at least 13 to sign up and redirects to the terms of service.

If you want to use Snapchat, you need to be at least 13 years old. The app’s minimum age requirement has not changed in the eight years since it first launched, and probably never will.