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Valorant Error Code 68 | How to fix

Another day, another Valorant error. Since the game’s launch, a number of players have reported encountering error code 68. This error has a nasty habit of popping up during matches, especially following (or even being caused by) ill-timed disconnects. What does error code 68 mean, and what can you do to fix it? As it turns out, the solution is quite simple.

Valorant | How to fix error code 68

how to fix valorant error code 68

Error code 68 in Valorant shows up when the game has encountered a connection error. It appears alongside a message advising you to relaunch the client to reconnect. Luckily, restarting the game is usually the best way to fix error code 68.

Valorant has several different error codes based around one- or two-digit numbers. Unfortunately, code 68 is not a problem defined on Valorant’s error code website. However, the message that appears alongside the code shows that it’s related to server connectivity. Several players on the Valorant subreddit have confirmed that restarting the client removes the error.

Connectivity issues tend to pop up whenever Valorant servers go down for maintenance. If restarting the game doesn’t work, it may be worth waiting a few minutes until servers have stabilized. You can always check the current Riot Games Server Status page to see if the game is experiencing planned outages.

If you’re unlucky, you may be one of the few to encounter error code 68 when the servers are up and running. While rare, error 86 can appear if you’re using custom DNS settings or playing the game through a proxy server. If you’ve changed how the game connects to the network, your best bet is to set everything back to default and try again. It’s also worth making sure that the Valorant game software isn’t being blocked by a firewall.

The best way to fix error code 68 in Valorant is to restart the game client. This error code can appear at random for a variety of connection issues. In most cases, restarting the game will allow the client software to reconnect to the game servers.