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Transistor Function List

Function List

Functions in Transistor help separate it from the rest of the crowd. There are seemingly endless combinations and permutations at the player's disposal, which makes for a constantly evolving gameplay experience that rewards experimentation. Listed below are all 16 functions and their many uses, whether it be as an active ability, passive ability, or function upgrade.


FunctionMemoryActive SlotUpgrade SlotPassive Slot
Crash()1Harm and disrupt nearby Targets exposing vulnerabilities.Cause most Functions to stun and disrupt Targets.Gain damage resistance and immunity to all slowing effects.
Breach()3Pierce Targets with great force across long distances.Accelerate most Functions, raising their range and velocity.Gain more planning potential in Turn().
Spark()2Launch fast unstable shells that split into explosive particles.Split and subdivide most Functions for greater results.Spawn a Copy when attacked diverting nearby Targets.
Jaunt()3Transport User to nearby location directly ahead.Allow most Functions to be used during Turn() recovery.Recover more quickly after using Turn().
Bounce()2Discharge a ricocheting bolt that jumps from Target to Target.Add a chain-reactive effect to most Functions.Gain a deflecting shield that negates damage to the User.
Load()3Form a volatile Packet. Strike Packet to produce a large blast.Increase the area-of-effect of most Functions.Generate volatile Packets instantly at a regular interval.
Help()4Call a Friend to aid the User. Plan Friend's actions with Turn().Give most Functions a chance to prevent Cells from spawning.Gain a 25% chance to become a Super User on using Turn().
Mask()1Conceal the User's physical self, amplifying the next action taken.Raise the potency of most Functions when Backstabbing.Become undetectable and faster after eliminating Targets.
Ping()1Fire rapid kinetic charges in a straight line.Reduce Turn() planning cost and speed up most Functions.Move much farther in a single use of Turn().
Switch()2Alter a Target's allegiance, causing it to serve the User.Integrate allegiance-altering subroutine into most Functions.Spawn a friendly Bad Cell when retrieving cells.
Get()1Force a Target close to the User. Stronger against distant Targets.Make most functions pull targets out of position.Draw in Cells faster and from farther away.
Purge()2Spawn a seeking parasite that dismantles a Target from within.Apply a corruption effect to most Functions.Retaliate automatically when struck.
Flood()3Project a storm sphere that disintegrates Targets in its path.Enhance most Functions with lingering destructive effects.Regenerate life points when Turn() is not recovering.
Cull()4Strike nearby Targets upward with tremendous force.Raise the kinetic impact or effect duration of most functions.Harm Targets on contact while executing Turn().
Tap()4Siphon life points from Targets in an area around the User.Apply a life-stealing effect to most Functions.Raise User's total life points, improving survivability.
Void()4Cripple Targets' defense and attack. Stacks three times.Augment the potency and effects of most Functions.Increase base damage output for each Function.