How to fix TikTok Error 2433

Have you encountered problems with updating your TikTok bio? If the message “Server is currently unavailable. Please try again later (error: 2433)” displays, then stick around for the TikTok Error 2433 fix you need. Keep scrolling to learn how to successfully update your account biography.

What is the TikTok Error 2433 fix?

TikTok Error 2433 fix

It isn’t currently known why TikTok Error 2433 occurs, though it always happens when attempting to edit your bio. The error message displays and, frustratingly, no changes will be saved. There is a workaround for this annoying issue that iOS users on the iPhone can use, but many reports suggest it’s unlikely to be successful for Android users. Nonetheless, feel free to try it on Android and see if you have any luck.

TikTok Error 2433 fix

  1. Delete the TikTok application from all of your mobile devices.
  2. Redownload TikTok on your smartphone.
  3. Edit your bio and delete everything.
  4. Quickly and continuously tap the “Save” button.

By having a fresh install (which will clear your cache, etc.) you should be able to start the editing process and then force a save by essentially sending a barrage of requests. This isn’t guaranteed to work the first time, though people have reported that with persistence it definitely can.

The reason it isn’t likely to work on Android is that the “Save” button isn’t there, meaning that you can’t complete the vital last step. The process up to that point could serve as some kind of “refresh” and is still worth trying for the brief amount of time it takes, however.

If you can’t resolve Error 2433 by following the above steps, then we’d recommend contacting TikTok Support (@TikTokSupport). Explain the issue while quoting the “Server is currently unavailable. Please try again later (error: 2433)” message and they should be able to help.

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